Devil’s Food Cake

Hello! First off, I would like to wish my sister a very happy birthday! It feels like yesterday that we were walking home together from school. I am thinking that makes me sound very old

So, I needed to find a simple and quick (for time deprived people like me!) birthday recipe that hadn’t been done millions of time before. And luckily I got a suggestion for Devil’s Food Cake. (thankyou everyone for following and liking my previous posts – yay!) I had never made one before, and I never really new what set it apart from other wickedly rich and decadent chocolate cakes. I went on a recipe search, and found the ever-faithful Nigella’s. Here is is:

I really don’t have any complaints – it definitely didn’t live up to it’s name!. It turned out the perfect texture, and the perfect amount of richness. To speed up the setting of the frosting, I popped it in the fridge, which worked out really well. It isn’t the flashiest cake ever, as I really didn’t have time, but as they say, it is what is inside that counts!


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Happy baking! x


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